Doug Lennick

Putting the Business in Show Business

As one of the owners in Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, Doug was an integral part of keeping the doors open and saving 300 jobs. He will share his leadership thoughts that “The purpose of business is no more to make money than the purpose of life is to breathe.  That said, if we don’t make money we won’t be here”.  As a leader of over 17,000 financial advisors and corporate employees at Ameriprise, Doug knows leadership. He will share his development practices for yourself and others to create a stronger team. These breakthrough practical concepts and applications are something that you will use throughout the rest of the conference and take home to put into action. 

Jeff Danovsky

Shining the Spotlight on Theatre Insurance

What insurance do I need? How do I lower my insurance costs? Who gets insured under work comp? Do I need Cyber Liability, Abuse and Molestation, Employment Practices Liability? Am I paying for anything I don’t need. We will discuss coverage needs, wants and requirements…and how to lower your overall insurance costs. Jeff leads an engaging and interactive presentation on properly insuring your Dinner Theatre.

Executive Chef, Mo Moore

Catering to Guest’s New Food Desires

How do you meet the needs of your customers in this changing food service world and maintain your budget? Menu planning has become a puzzle to accommodate the new demands of items that are gluten free or vegetarian and manage guest’s higher expectations for fresh and better food.  Chef Moore will discuss how Chanhassen creates their menu to accommodate the increasing number of requests with their served menus, and the Reinhart reps will address how this may be adapted on a buffet and introduce new creative menu items.