Member Benefits

Annual Conferences

Conferences are held once a year and are sponsored by a member theatre. Sites range from California to Pennsylvania.


NDTA offers workshops at the conferences on cutting edge issues ranging from marketing and fiscal management to employee relations and new technical wonders. These are all addressed by leading industry figures.

Professional Development

This is a key to prosperity through studying the successes (and failures) of fellow members. Take advantage of the mentoring program and learn how it's done at other theatres in various markets and explore the diversity of management styles.

Show Analysis and Nickel Ideas

There is an analysis of "Hits and Pits" which offers you ideas about shows and their sales at other theatres across the country. This invaluable service could save you time and money and give you an edge on programming gained from the experience of other producers. Nickel Ideas are items that cost you nothing but save you a bundle. Producers share techniques on money-saving or money-generating ideas from their own theatres.

Cooperative Marketing Programs

Co-op advertising in national publications which target the motorcoach operator, group leader, social groups and travel agents. 

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Becoming a Member

Who Can Join?

All theatres must be full time (8 month minimum) producing companies, situated at one location and commonly known as a dinner theatre. Members must be owners, operators or producers of a dinner theatre. Members must be professional (pay performers). During the first year of membership, new members can not vote. Membership may be transferred by producers or theatres.

Membership Fees

Membership is an annual fee of just $200.00. This includes a listing on the website, the notes from the annual meeting, the hits and pits list from the conference, and one on one mentoring from producers with over 200 combined years of experience! 


There is no conference fee to attend except for your travel expenses. 


If you have any questions or would like to join, please contact President Denise Trupe.

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