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National Dinner

Theatre Association

The National Dinner Theatre Association is an organization that was created in 1978 to unify dinner theatres across the country and provide them with the opportunity to gain new perspectives toward the industry.

Lola, Charlie and The Angels - "Raise Yo

The organization creates an invaluable source that provides members with first-hand experience.


For the established producer, membership offers the opportunity for a free exchange of information on efficiency, profitability and support by networking with fellow professionals. 

For the new producer, it offers the chance to learn the successful methods and systems that shape our industry from a variety of operators.

For groups and bus operators the NDTA provides a source of reliable and extraordinary dinner theatres across the country that can all be found in one place.

Members represent the finest professional dinner theatres in the United States (both union and non-union).

We welcome you to contact us with any questions about our members or to become a member.

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