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Tim Kirkland

Workshop: Cultivate, Recruiting, Curating &

Retaining Top Talent

This is by far Tim Kirkland’s most in-demand workshop for leaders.   When asked, over 90% of managers and owners say that “finding and keeping good people” is their #1 day-to-day business challenge. And they’re right. In these highly competitive times, good help is hard to find…and even harder to keep!   Moreover, the quality of team you employ is the single most impactful influencer on the overall success of your business! The first responsibility of a leader is to collect, develop and maintain talent. With this program, attendees will learn how to actively attract and acquire the best talent, develop them daily, and keep star players in place.As one of the owners in Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, Doug was an integral part of keeping the doors open and saving 300 jobs. He will share his leadership thoughts that “The purpose of business is no more to make money than the purpose of life is to breathe.  That said, if we don’t make money we won’t be here”.  As a leader of over 17,000 financial advisors and corporate employees at Ameriprise, Doug knows leadership. He will share his development practices for yourself and others to create a stronger team. These breakthrough practical concepts and applications are something that you will use throughout the rest of the conference and take home to put into action. 

Darcy Thompson & Nick Begley

Cradle-to-Grave: Exploring strategies to effectively segment, target, communicate with and sell to different generations

Can people be transformed from the earliest ages to become lifelong consumers? Can an aging audience become the champions to build out and engage with a younger one? Whether you’re trying to reach spontaneous millennial or future subscribers, different generations are unique in how they spend, buy, communicate, and discover new content. Generational marketing is a marketing approach that segments audiences into different groups based on age and life experiences to explore possible buyer mindsets. What channels, messaging, pricing, promotions and programming are necessary to reach each generational segment? It all starts with data to build profiles that can be strengthened as attendees engage with the venues across various channels. Creating and maintaining a grave-to-cradle relationship with people is hard, but it’s also essential. Join us to learn how to plant your seeds, grow your roots and cultivate those relationships. You’ll be thrilled with the results!

Ceci Dadisman

Everything I Know About Arts Marketing I Learned From Mister Rogers

Creating engagement with audiences means communicating with them in a way that breaks down barriers and creates meaningful, relevant communications. It comes down to one thing: authenticity. This inspirational keynote will connect Mister Rogers' timeless teachings to timely marketing strategies that enable us to connect with patrons in a way that is truly meaningful

Executive Chef, Mo Moore

Catering to Guest’s New Food Desires

How do you meet the needs of your customers in this changing food service world and maintain your budget? Menu planning has become a puzzle to accommodate the new demands of items that are gluten free or vegetarian and manage guest’s higher expectations for fresh and better food.  Chef Moore will discuss how Chanhassen creates their menu to accommodate the increasing number of requests with their served menus, and the Reinhart reps will address how this may be adapted on a buffet and introduce new creative menu items.

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